Our Values


The Chakra Shop's mission is to create and offer products and services that are in alignment with our highest healing. This means creating a supply chain that does no harm and helps heal as many hands and hearts as possible along the journey to your doorstep. Learn more about our values + supply chain.

Our vision is to create regenerative tools for healing — products that literally leave the world better than before. Here's how:


Ethical Sourcing
All products in this shop are mindfully curated. Precious stones are not heat-treated, and are sourced directly from fairly paid miners. Herbal bundles and other plant medicines are sustainably harvested and organically grown. Fabrics are upcycled through a zero-waste production process.

Empowered Entrepreneurs
The large majority (90%) of products are brought to you by the artistry and passion of conscious women + POC entrepreneurs. This helps tip the [capitalist patriarchal] scales to support a more just redistribution of wealth.


Social Impact
7% of all proceeds will be donated annually to a worthy cause (more on this soon!). This is the first part of the regenerative impact of your purchase; creating more good than there was before.


Environmental Protection
We are currently exploring what a carbon-POSITIVE (not neutral) delivery process may look like, so all shipments are in alignment with the protection of Mother Earth. Stay tuned!