Heal your Root Chakra with this Chakra Tune Up featuring mantras, journaling prompts, a guided meditation, and 20 tips for healing this chakra

The Root Chakra Ceremony

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Be your own healer! Attune the inherent power of your Root Chakra with this digital bundle, which contains everything you need to understand the energetics of the Root Chakra and create a transformative sacred ceremony from the comforts of home.

If you're feeling ungrounded, disconnected from your body, lacking structure and dedication in your daily routine, or noticing themes of control issues, materialism, racism, or aggression in your life — your Root Chakra may be imbalanced.


Personal Healing Perspectives (for you):
🔺 The location, meaning, and function of your Root Chakra is
🔺 How to self-diagnose the underactive and overactive symptoms of imbalance 
🔺 How to activate the healing pathway for up-leveling this energy center

Collective Liberation Prompts (for us all):
🔺 A perspective on the collective illness of this Chakra
🔺 3 practices for restoring justice for all through your Root Chakra

Everything You Need for a Powerful Home Ceremony:
🔺 2h+ Ceremonial Spotify Playlist
🔺 15min Guided Meditation
🔺 5 Mantras for Healing
🔺 4 Journaling Questions
🔺 1 Powerful Prayer for Activation

🔺 20+ Bonus Tips for Healing the Root Chakra


The Root Chakra is designed to bestow us with the gifts of groundedness, nourishment, and Self-Preservation. It is my highest hope that this work activates this wisdom within you.